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Baxter Springs - April, 4th


US EPA Region 7 officials visit Baxter Springs Site


In February USEPA Region 7 personnel and officials including Superfund Section Chief, Gene Gunn visited the Baxter Springs Mine Remediation Site OU-3.  This informal visit was conducted to view firsthand the successful completion of Phase 1 of the remediation project underway.  To date, Ameriphysics has moved over 350,000 cubic yards of mine waste and constructed containment cells, detention basins, closed abandoned mines shafts and sealed mine vents.


Ameriphysics recently also received its first Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) from USEPA Region 7 for its work at Baxter Springs, KS OU-3.  The CPAR is completed by the Contracting Officer, Project Manager and other USEPA personnel who oversee or interact on the project.  The CPAR received the highest rating possible.  Comments received as part of the review include, “Contractor has proven to be very effective and efficient in performing duties as outlined in the statement of work.”, and, “Their responsiveness to EPA's needs and timeliness of work performed has produced quality that resulted in exercising the option period early”, and, “Always implementing plan that yields very good results, and ahead of schedule. Project Manager is always available to discuss all aspects of project and willing to resolve any issues that might arise.”


Due to the completion of Phase 1 ahead of schedule and within budget, Ameriphysics was expedited award of Phase II of this project, which is currently underway.



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