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Cyclotron Services and Decommissioning


Ameriphysics was the first decontamination and decommissioning company to become specifically licensed to disassemble, remove, and relocate cyclotrons.


Why is this important? Because the challenges

presented by cyclotron removal projects are unique.

Packaging, transportation, and dispositioning of these

machines and wastes generated during their removal

are similarly complex. Our license and the procedures

upon which it is based reflect a commitment to this

market and distinguish us from our competitors.


Ameriphysics personnel have planned,

managed, and successfully completed various

removals including two Siemens (PETNet/CTI)

RDS-112s, a Scanditronix MC-40, a Scanditronix

MC-17, a Cyclotron Corporation CS-22, a GE

PETtrace, a Sumitomo PV-750, and several small

linear accelerators.


In addition to removal and decommissioning, we

provide a variety of operational health-physics support

services for cyclotrons and radiopharmacies. Ameriphysics has successfully built programs for these sites from the ground up, and we can assist you with licensing and registrations, decommissioning funding plans, shielding design, audits, waste characterization, and procedure development.





Cyclotron Services and Decommissioning

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